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Conservation of Nature and Wildlife

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Nature Conservation - Why?

conservation of nature BeachA lot has been said about the conservation of nature and wildlife over the years. Many scientists and layman have put forward reasons as to why nature should even be conserved at all. Now, normally an article about the conservation of nature would state study results and bombard readers with scientific fact in an attempt to coax the reader into changing their habits or opinions about nature conservation, but I am not a scientist.I am just alayman with a passion for Nature and all Her wonders, so this article is about me, adding my voice to the multitude of pleas in favor of nature conservation.

Why must we care about the conservation of nature?

Isn't it just like us? Every time someone appeals to us to change our habits or lifestyle, or to become more involved in some cause or another, the first, and quickly followed by a second question that pops in our heads. Why? What is in it for me?

Well, for starters, how about clean, fresh drinking conservation of nature riverwater? How about the experience of seeing an elephant, lion or hyena in the natural habitat? How about seeing a flock of flamingos crossing the sky? How about seeing these things with your own eyes, and not just in a video or television documentary on History Channel?

Sure, some of you will say, "Yes, I have seen it". You can count yourself lucky. But what about our children? What will you tell those enquiring young minds when they watch The Lion King, and ask you what kind of animal Simba is? What would you prefer? Showing them pictures of lions, or would you rather prefer taking them somewhere where they can see the live animal for themselves? To me, at least, witnessing the wonderment in your children's eyes has got be one of the greatest experiences any person can ever have.

Let's try this from a different angle.

conservation of nature Cape LionThe Cape Lion has been extinct for more than 150 years. The Cape Lion was a subspecies of lion that was indigenous to the old Cape Province. One characteristic that differentiated the Cape Lion from other lions was it's long mane. The mane grew underneath the animal, instead of just on and around the head.

Another example would be the Quagga. The Quagga was a horse-like animal, similar to the Zebra, that was driven to extinction during the nineteenth century. The Quagga was unique to South Africa, and thus a national treasure. Unfortunately our forefathers didn't care much about the conservation of nature or wildlife.

Because those that came before us could not be bothered to preserve animals or nature for us, the knowledge we could have gleaned from these animals are now lost for ever. Never again can a tourist coming to South Africa to experience our great African game see these animals alive and well.

The same can be said about our forests, rivers, and oceans. Most of us know what it feels like to walk on the beach or under a canopy of green, or the swim in the sea. But imagine how difficult it would be to explain the feeling of tranquility and joy to someone who has never, and will never, experience such a marvel for themselves.

What's in it for me?

So, let's get back to answering the question: "What is in it for me?" Start with the happiness of your children and your children's children. Start with clean air, clean and sweet drinking water, and unpolluted oceans and rivers in which you can swim without worry. Start with being able to show your children live sharks, lions, dolphins, and rhinos, and all the other amazing creatures walking our planet.

True, a picture may be worth a thousand words. But, I say, a living experience is worth a million.

"We didn't inherit the earth from our forefathers. We are borrowing it from our children"