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Hiking Checlist for South African Hiking Trails

hiking checklistThe exact contents of your pack varies based on when you are going hiking, dry or rainy times etc, but this hiking checklist should cover you in most instances.

A comfortable backpack, good water bottles, and strong hiking shoes are essential to any hike.  It is also important to remember that the weight of your backpack should never exceed more than one third of your total body weight. 

Don't try to carry too much, and try to keep even the smallest item in your backpack as light as possible. 

Your backpack should also always be packed to keep the load as evenly balanced as possible to your centre of gravity.  This will dramatically lessen the backward pull and "top-heaviness" of the backpack.

Download printer friendly spreadsheet (xlsx)


Overnight Camping


Everyday clothes 

Evening clothes

Cold Weather

Misc clothes



Food and drink

First Aid



Download printer friendly spreadsheet (xlsx)