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What do museum scientists do?

Even though all scientists ask questions, museum scientists ask different kind of questions.

Museum scientists is mainly concerned with the question of "What is it?". If a new speciment is discovered, taxnonomists will go about describing the new specimen and deciding how it related to other known species.

It is only then that biodiversity biologists can hope to answer the questions such as "How many different species lived in this area?" etc.

When these questions are answered, biogeographers can start mapping where the differnet species are found and match this with the plants that are found in the same regions.

The questions of "How does this species relate to other species and humans" can then be answered by the ecologists.

Palaeontologists are concerned with answering questions related to how humans and other animals have evolved.

"How did our ancestors live"? This question is answered by archeologists and ethnographers, who study artefacts to find out how our ancestors lived.

Museum scientists perform a very important role in discovering who we are, where we came from, and what our world is like.