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Dog and Cat Insurance, Pet Medical Aid Information and Directory

South Africans really love their dogs and cats, but an unexpected visit the Vet can have some serious financial implications. This is where Dog Insurance, Cat Insurance, also known as Pet Medical Aid comes in handy. Pet Insurance ensures that you are ready when the unexpected happen.

Pet Insurance is basically a sort of medical aid for your dog or cat. Just like normal health Dog Insuranceinsurance for humans, pet owners must pay a monthly fee towards their animal's insurance or medical aid. And, in most cases, the more animals you register, the lower the fees.

Pet Insurance companies generally offer different packages, ranging from only accidentally injury, to full 100% of the medical costs your animal(s) may incur. Some policies will also pay out when your pet dies, of if it is lost or stolen. Policies are divided into two categories:Lifetime petinsurance, and non-lifetime.

One thing that most policies do however state in the fine print, is that Pet Insurance is actually a form of property insurance, and as such, the pet insurance company only reimburses the owner after the pet has received care.

What is normally covered in Dog and Cat Insurance / Pet Medical Aids? Cat Insurance

  • Accidental injury, example broken bones, insect bites, fighting, broken bones, insect bites, fighting
  • Illnesses, including minor conditions such as stomach and skin problems, infections, cancer and diabetes
  • Operations (except spaying or neutering, elective procedures and a few others, depending on the Pet Insurance policy you take out)
  • Tumour Removals
  • Gastric torsion
  • Hip replacements
  • Kennels and Pet Sitters are also sometimes included

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