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Travel Insurance Companies South Africa

The primary benefit of taking out cover with a Travel Insurance company in South Africa is the knowledge that, should something go terribly wrong while you are traveling in South Africa, you won't be responsible for finding the money to rectify the situation.

As with all insurance policies, it is very important that you read and understand the policy document provided with your South African Travel Insurance. The most important parts in any travel insurance policy are:

  • Emergency medical treatment / medical assistance
    This will cover the cost of any emergency medical treatment or assistance.

  • Cancellation, Curtailment & Trip Interruption
    This covers any financial loss, unrecoverable by other means, that you may suffer as a result of having to cancel or cut your trip short, or having to return home suddenly, for example sudden illness, family deaths, or natural disasters.

  • Missed Departure
    Should you miss your scheduled means of transport, normally due to incidents out of your control, this clause will take care of that.

  • Personal Liability
    Provides cover should you injure or damage a third party or property.

  • Personal Accident
    A small amount of life cover/disability cover is normally included in travel insurance policies.

  • Personal belongings/baggage
    This is very important, and will cover your personal belongings and money that you take with you.

South African Travel Insurance Companies

South Africa has several excellent travel insurance companies that tourists can make use of.