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When to travel to South Africa

Travel to South Africa and you will experience one of Africa's best travel destinations for all budgets. But, it is important to keep the South African weather and climates in mind when deciding upon your travel dates for travelling to South Africa.

South African Seasons

South African seasons are the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere. You may leave in a heavy snowfall in your country, and arrive to a beautiful, warm sunshine day in South Africa.

Spring: September - October

The Namaqualand flowers in the Northern and Western Cape provinces are spectacular during Spring. The days are still chilly, but slowly warming up, making Spring in South Africa a time of rejoicing in the new.

Summer: November - March

Summers in South Africa can get very hot, with afternoon thunderstorms that clear quickly. Durban and KwaZulu Natal are quite humid and sticky during Summer.

Autumn (fall): April - May

Autumn perhaps offers the best type of weather in South Africa. Warm, but not too hot, with minimal rain, makes for long luscious days.

Winter: June - August

The South African Winter is characterized by dry, sunny days, and cold to freezing nights. The Western Cape province however, gets most of its rain during Winter. Snow can occasionally be seen on the high mountains of the Cape and the Drakensberg.

When to travel to South Africa

Although there are no bad time to visit South Africa, depending on what you would like to do, some seasons are better than others.

South African Safaris
The dry season is the best, between September and October
Plan your rafting holiday during the rainy season in South Africa, December to February
The best time to see flowers are during spring, August to September
Whale Watching
June to October are the best times to see the whales
Visiting Cape Town
Summer is an especially beautiful time to visit Cape Town, November to March. Autumn is also not a bad time to go, as Cape Town is still warm during this period.
Diving is best done outside summer, April to September
Surfing shares the best times with Diving, but the surf is great all year long
Spring and autumn makes for excellent hiking trips
Mid-summer is the best time to visit South Africa's beaches, but remember! Everybody will be there...

Keep in mind though, that most South Africans will go on vacation during the long school holiday from mid-December to the end of January. Hotels, tours, and lodges fill up quickly during these periods, so book early!