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1892 Sinkhuisie and Restaurant (Pretoria)

Overview of Die 1892 Sinkhuisie and Restaurant

Traditional cuisine meets old-worldly charm at the 1892 Sinkhuis in Rietondale, Pretoria. The renovated museum cottage has a wonderful outdoor atmosphere, and relaxing family vibe.

Dating back to 1892, Die Sinkhuisie has been fully renovated, and now features a antique shop, tea garden and play area for the kids.

Review of Die 1892 Sinkhuise and Restaurant

I must admit, I was quite disappointed with Die Sinkhuisie. A former must-see attraction in Pretoria, Die Sinkhuisie seems to be falling apart somewhat. The antiques from the antique shop are scattered all over Die Sinkhuis, which does not do much to the "museum" feeling that most of these old renovated houses have.

We did find a thing or two to buy at a discount price, but I think that was more due to the fact that the prices are not properly priced, or the price stickers have fallen off, which lead to the shop owner having to take a guesstimate as to the price of the item.

Once a charming little house, it is now a scattered-about mess, with things covering almost all of the original surfaces. Very disappointing indeed, and definitely not the drive to Pretoria worth at all.

One of the plus points, however, is Die Sinkhuis Restaurant, which is a popular spot for the locals. Serving various traditional dishes, families can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere while the kids are having a ball in the play area.

Sadly, this is not an attraction that I would visit again, or recommend at all.

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