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Pretoria National Botanical Gardens (Pretoria)

Overview of the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens

The Pretoria National Botanical Gardens is a 76ha urban oasis, and home to the Head Office of the South African National Bio Diversity Institute (SANBI). Various indigenous South African flora species can be seen.

A paved nature trail provides access to the fascinating natural vegetation, and also leads the visitor past and around the waterfall.

The Pretoria National Botanical Gardens offers thirsty and hungry visitors restaurants, as well as a beautiful lawn for a picnic, with more than enough running and playing space for the kids.

Founded in 1946 as part of the University of Pretoria's Experimental Farm, the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens bridges the divide between scientific research and the recreational environment. Open daily, the Botanical Gardens offers visitors two different worlds, the frosty South-facing section, and the warmer, North-facing section, divided by a 35m high quartzite outcrop. Well paved nature trails gives visitors the opportunity access the fascinating natural vegetation.

50% of South Africa's trees species can be seen in the National Botanical Gardens, along with more than 198 bird species and a number of small mammals and reptiles. 50 Hectares of the total area is devoted to developed garden, featuring almost exclusively South African plants.

Several plants of note can be seen in the gardens. The special Tree Wisteria avenue and special collections of medicinal plant, aloes, cycads, succulents and tree species offers visitors a glimpse into the marvels of nature.


  • Mokha Restaurant
  • Function Venue
  • Eco Craft gift shop
  • Guided walks and tours
  • Large lawn for picnics

Review of the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens

Being a nature lover, the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens were a real treat. The waterfall is beautiful, and the immediate surrounds have the cool and crisp air feeling that you can only experience near waterfalls.

We followed the nature trail all over the Botanical Gardens, and explored and marveled in the beauty of nature. But be sure to wear your walking shoes! The trails are quite long, but the views of nature are definitely worth the effort.

Be sure to pack a picnic basket as well, as the gardens provide ample opportunity for a picnic lunch. If picnics are not your thing, the Botanical Gardens also has a small outdoor restaurant to enjoy.

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