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Cornish Kettle Tea Garden (Cornwall Hill)

Overview of the Cornish Kettle Tea Garden

The Cornish Kettle is a beautiful Tea Garden, and a popular venue for small functions, parties, stork teas, kitchen teas, christening, engagements, informal weddings, business meetings and kiddies parties.

The Cornish Kettle Tea Garden offers a secure outdoor playground for the kids to enjoy, as well as a large duck pond. The restaurant/tea garden serves light lunches and breakfasts, and is also fully licensed.

The Cornish Kettle Tea Garden is the ideal place for moms to relax and chat with friends, while the little ones enjoy themselves in a secure and safe environment. Visitors are also allowed to bring their dogs into this pet friendly tea garden.

Review of the Cornish Kettle Tea Garden

The purpose of South Africa Explorer is to provide unbiased attraction overviews, and in following with this purpose, I do not shy away from telling it like it is. Cornish Kettle was a huge let-down. Sure, the venue is mildly entertaining, it does not seem to be very well cared for. The duck pond is dirty, and the Jungle Gym in the middle of the sand pit seems to be the only thing for the kids to do. I am sure this will keep them occupied for a while though.

The food was another disappointment. I will however concede and say that maybe it was just a bad day, and things might be better on other days. If that is the case, please comment and let me know? I ordered a plain cheeseburger and chips. The cheese had mould on it, and the chips were positively swimming in the grease. I had to use two napkins to drain most of the oil from my plate. The milkshakes however are devine, and the staff friendly and helpful.

But, at the end of the day, this is not a place I would recommend visiting, unless you want to visit the nursery next-door and have a piece of cake afterwards.

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