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Gold of Africa Museum (Cape Town)

Overview of the Gold of Africa Museum

The Gold of Africa Museum is an unique museum offering visitors a glimpse into the ancient, and sometimes mystical relationship that exists between gold and the African continent.

More than 350 West African gold artifacts are housed in the museum, along with various objects from the ancient gold civilizations of Southern Africa.

The Gold of Africa museum offers guided tours by appointment at affordable rates. The museum shop sells gold-related curios and the restaurant serves visitors with exquisite snacks and light meals. The Goldsmith Studio is a great place to learn more about the making of gold jewelry.

Review of the Gold of Africa Museum

We were quite a bit disappointed that the museum does not allow photographs to be taken, but the Gold of Africa book did make up for it.

There are so many gold artifacts housed in the museum, it will take some time to study each in detail. The "gold timeline" exhibited in one of the museum wings are truly something to behold. From the earliest beginnings of Adam and Eve, gold is traced throughout the centuries in an easy to follow manner.

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