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Gold reef City (Johannesburg)

Overview of Gold Reef City

With a magnificent theme park offering a wide range of features and attractions, and the exhilarating Casino complex, Gold reef City is where Jozi comes to play and relax!

The Theme Park also offers visitors the opportunity to go down into a gold mine in their Story Of Gold Heritage Tour. Traditional Zulu dancers entertain visitors at regular intervals.

Nowhere else will a tourist find such a comprehensive and colorful depiction of the mining life at the turn of the nineteenth century.

Rides and Attractions at Gold Reef City

Some of the popular rides at Gold Reef City include:

  • The Anaconda - The only inverted roller coaster in the world, and record holder for the fastest and tallest inverted roller coaster in Africa
  • River Rapids
  • Jozi Express - A high speed roller coaster built and manufactured by the German amusement park manufacturer Zierer.
  • Tower of Terror (Shaft of Terror) - A vertical drop roller coaster which features a drop of 47 meters, and a pull-out which features a positive G-Force of 6.3Gs.
  • Golden Loop - Known for its acceleration and loss of gravity at certain points
  • Gaint Wheel - Massive wheel with 55 meters diameter
  • Miner's Revenge
  • UFO - Runs at speeds of up to 50km/h
  • Runaway Train
  • Tornado
  • Dream Boat

Review of Gold Reef City

Put on your walking shoes and leave your fears at home, and come visit Gold reef City! The small house museums gives visitors a taste of life in the nineteenth century, and the theme park rides will satisfy even the most adamant thrill seeker.

There a sideshow-game booths scattered throughout the park, fun, but very very difficult to win anything. When you get hungry, there are more than enough to eat and drink.

It is well worth a visit to Gold reef City, but come early to avoid standing in huge queues for the big rides.

There are so much to do at Gold reef City, you will have to experience it yourself as words will never do justice.

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