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Hatfield Flea Market

Overview of Hatfield Flea Market

Hatfield Flea Market is an energetic and entertaining market experience, and fast becoming one of Pretoria's trendiest shopping and entertainment venues. Hatfield Flea Market is open every Sunday, with special events on certain Sundays:

  • First Sunday of the Month - The Hatfield Antiques & Collectables Fair sees some of South Africa's top dealers displaying a fine selection of treasures.

  • Last Sunday of the Month - The Hatfield Art & Craft Fair, with some of South Africa's most talented artists and crafters gathering at the Hatfield Plaza to display their handcrafted wares.

Over 200 undercover stalls offer incredible bargains on a wide variety of the funkiest merchandise, including arts, crafts, jewelry and furniture. An excellent array of treats and eats are available in the Food Court, and occasionally live entertainment are provided.

Review of Hatfield Flea Market

I ended my visit to Hatfield Flea Market utterly and completely disappointed. What was once a true bustling bazaar of fun items, is now merely a shadow of it's former glory. But, I suppose for somebody who have not known what the Hatfield Flea Market had been like, it might be a little bit of a fun way to spend a Sunday, browsing through the array of items.

One thing I did appreciate about the Hatfield Flea Market, is that there are not a lot of duplication in the stalls. This is a bit of a problem with some Flea Markets, where you end up browsing through stalls and stalls of similar items. Good thing the Hatfield Flea Market is not structured this way!

Not really looking for something specific, I did end up buying an item or two that was definitely a bargain. Keep an eye out for all the fake brands on display though...

A magician of sorts was entertaining guests in one corner, and after listening to him talking for about 15 minutes without doing anything "magic" with the ring of flames he kept on lighting, I decided to leave.

Unless you are really bored, I would not recommend wasting your time at this flea market. I would suggest however, that if you are very interested in Antiques & Collectables, to visit the Hatfield Flea Market on the first Sunday of the Month, when the Hatfield Antiques & Collectibles Fair are held.

Hatfield Flea Market is really small, and overall quite disappointing.

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