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Jasmyn Plaaswinkel and Die Windpomp/Windmeul Restaurant (Hartbeespoort)

It is very unlikely that you will visit Hartbeespoort without hearing about or seeing Die Windmeul, or Jasmyn farm stall (plaaswinkel). Situated on the R511 just outside Hartbeespoort, the Dutch-style windmill and thacth-roofed farm stall building are hard to miss. This establishment is known to the local residents by mainly two names: "Die Windpomp" and "Die Windmeul".

Overview of Jasmyn Plaaswinkel (Farm Stall)

Opened in 2004, Jasmyn Plaaswinkel draws its inspiration from the humble honeybee. The whole design of Jasmyn Hartbeespoort reflects this. Built in the shape of a honeycomb, and with an open plan interior, Jasmyn is easy to navigate and invites one to get lost in the freedom and lavishness of the displays.

The huge thatch roof building measures about 3 000 square meters, and is the largest in the Southern hemisphere.

An impressive selection of organic goods and farm fresh produce, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, cheeses from Jasmyn's own cheese factory, fresh bread, various dairy products, delectable meat and biltong, baked goods, juices and imported treats, awaits the visitor. Quite a few unusual products can also be found here, including hard to find fruits and vegetables, and interesting home-made cheeses.

Scattered between the products are flowers, curios and gifts for sale, as well as coffee and sweet treats to tempt your taste buds. Organic cleaning products and biodegradable groceries complete the picture.

But, Jasmyn is not only the place to purchase superior eats and treats. A beautiful bookstore is situated on the 2nd level of the hexagonal building, and sells new and used books at very competitive prices, as well as CD's, gifts and other literary-treats.

Across from the bookstore, a small Dutch restaurant serves light meals, cakes, and coffee.

Die Windpomp/Windmeul restaurant (the Windmill Restaurant)

The Dutch-style windmill is situated right next to Jasmyn, and acts as host for the Windmill Restaurant. Served with flair and a distinctly Dutch taste, the Windmill Restaurant is the perfect addition to your day in Hartbeespoort.

Lush gardens surround the windmill, and small streams and ducks will delight the children.

Review of Jasmyn and die Windpomp/Windmeul Restaurant

It is hard to know where to start when describing Jasmyn and the Windmill Restaurant (Windpomp/Windmeul Restaurant in Afrikaans). Upon arrival, you will be surprised by the amount of cars and people walking around. And, with good reason! Be prepared to be absolute blown away when you enter the architectural delight that is Jasmyn.

Jasmyn manages to properly put most supermarkets to shame. I have never seen such a magnificently decorated and interesting shop in my life. There are so much to see here, from flowers to fruits to gifts. And everything is so beautifully displayed. I will not even try a guess at how many items are available in Jasmyn, but it must number thousands of different items.

The building is designed to provide visitors with the freedom to roam about as they please, and a surprise awaits you around every corner. It is very difficult not to buy something at Jasmyn, as everything just looks so delicious! And the best part is the price. I would bet you that you will not be able to find similar quality for the same low price as you will find at Jasmyn. Oh, and the lovely smell of fresh bread as you round another corner... Magnificent.

The bookstore came as quite a surprise. Don't underestimate this bookstore. It has a lot of titles available, and is mostly priced lower than other bookstores.

After roaming around for at least 2 hours, we opted for some cake and coffee in the Dutch style restaurant. Again, it exceeded my highest expectations! Definitely give the warm apple tart and cream a try, you will not be disappointed. If the weather is favourable, I would suggest sitting outside on the deck, as you will have the most stunning view of the mountains and stretching green gardens.

Definitely add Jasmyn and the Windmill to your itinerary when visiting Hartbeespoort. But, arrange your schedule so that you will end your visit to Harties at a high note, and stop at Jasmyn on your way home. Allow at least 2 hours for your visit.

It is more than worth it! Do not miss this lovely Hartbeespoort attraction.

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