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Karoo Lifestyle Centre (The Wilgers)

Overview of Karoo Lifestyle Centre

Karoo Lifestyle Centre is a unique shopping experience, where visitors feel as if they are transferred to another time and place. The Karoo Lifestyle Centre has evolved out of the philosophy and principles of spreading knowledge and skills from the creative processes of many different hubs.

A range of shops are established at the Karoo Lifestyle Centre, including a pottery studio, nursery, art gallery, picture framers, gemstones and jewelry shop, book store, clothing, print and design studio, and an Antique furniture showroom.

Karoo Cafe at Karoo Lifestyle Centre

Described by the House and Leisure Magazine as the best rustic restaurant in Pretoria, the Karoo Cafe is the perfect place to relax, browse through the book shop, admire the art, or work on your laptop, all the while dining on the exquisite breakfast, lunch and dinner.

During the day, the Karoo Cafe functions as a tea garden which is open to public. After 6pm however, it becomes a different kind of environment, where like-minded individuals gather to enjoy the comfort and tranquility.

Review of Karoo Lifestyle Centre and Karoo Cafe

Hidden away along Lynnwood road in Pretoria, one will be forgiven for missing this rustic venue. But it will be a shame, for behind the meagre street side buildings, a lush, creative community opens it arms to embrace its visitors, and provide them with a nostalgic getaway to Karoo.

As is customary on Sundays, we went searching for just such a place for brunch and some sightseeing. We almost missed the turnoff, as it the Karoo Lifestyle Centre is a bit hard to spot from the street, even though it sits right on the corner.

With ample parking available outside and inside, we were immediately whisked away to the lovely Karoo for the afternoon. Karoo Lifestyle Centre really does a good job of immersing you in the scenery.

Our trip started with a brunch at the Karoo Cafe. The breakfast menu features all sorts of interesting and filling meals, such as the "Skilpadjie Breakfast", and the "Karoo Veld Breakfast" which features lamb chops and a "roosterkoek", and is sure to satisfy even the largest appetite. Lunch and Dinner menus also features a wide range of Karoo delicacies, and the most scrumptious lamb chops anywhere outside the Karoo itself. The food is absolutely delicious, albeit a little pricey, but definitely worth the money.

Sightseeing promptly commenced after the our brunch, which was served by well trained and friendly waiters. The Karoo Lifestyle Centre art gallery took up quite a bit of time, an we must have spent at least half an hour at the Gems and Jewelry shop, admiring the wares and real fossils that they have for sale.

The pottery shop and nursery is worth a walkthrough, but the main attraction for me was the "shed" shops - an eclectic collection of arts and crafts peeking out at you from every corner.

The Karoo Lifestyle Centre is more than worthy of a visit for an afternoon, but I would leave the kiddies at home. There are too many breakables in the shops for little hands. But, that said, make sure that you do not miss the Karoo Lifestyle Centre and Karoo Cafe!

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