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North West Tourist Attractions and Things To Do

The North West Province is known as the Platinum Province, due to it's abundance of platinum mines, but it could also easily have been known as the The Province of Five. The North West province has five districts, and tourists can experience anything from five star luxury in the premier hotels in the East, to finding the Big Five in the bushveld to the East.

Much of the North West Province of South Africa consists of flat areas of scattered trees and grassland, although untamed bushveld adds to the breathtaking scenic beauty of this province.

The North West Province is occupied by charming people who's responsibility to the land parallels their strong sense of tradition. The people of the North West are predominantly BaTswana in origin, and they can trace their origins for many centuries.

The North West Province provides tourists with much attractions to visit and activities to do, as the province is abundant in both animal life and historical sites.

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