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Rosemary Hill Farm (Pretoria)

Overview of Rosemary Hill Farm

Rosemary Hill Farm is located within easy reach of Pretoria, Silverlakes and Hatfield. Situated on truly magnificent farmland, Rosemary Hill Farm makes a perfect venue for an afternoon excursion.

Being one of the few establishments in Gauteng that offers an authentic High Tea experience, the pleasant organic Rosemary Hill Farm is sure to delight. The owners of Rosemary Hill Farm have been practicing organic farming since 1978, and have planted more than 30,000 trees during this period. Other crops include pecan nuts, vegetables, and various plants from which essential oils are distilled.

The Rosemary Hill Farm complex offers a nursery, delightful tea garden, MTB trail for cyclists and runners, accommodation, and venue for weddings and other corporate functions.

Authentic morning or afternoon High Tea at Rosemary Hill Farm

Rosemary Hill Farm specializes in offering an authentic High Tea. High Tea is served on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holiday from 11h00 - 13h00 and 14h00 - 16h00, strictly by appointment only. This a major draw card for tea connoisseurs, and they will definitely not be disappointed.

The menu for the High Tea includes treats such as tea sandwiches, various tartlets, pastries, cakes, cupcakes, and a selection of other treats, as well as their speciality teas, which includes Japanese Cherry tea, Plum Blossom tea, Mango Sencha tea, Spicy Chai tea and a delicious Strawberries and Cream tea.

MTB Trail / Trail Running

Rosemary Hill Farm officially launched their trails on the 22nd of May 2011. The trails takes runners and cyclists through beautiful rosemary fields, past dams, across streams and through indigenous vegetation. Gates open at 07h00, and is open all weekends and public holidays. A short course (6km) and a long course (12km) can be done.

Review of Rosemary Hill Farm

As our regular readers might have noticed, I really enjoy finding these lesser known little gems. Rosemary Hill Farm is definitely one to bookmark.

Our visit to Rosemary Hill Farm started on a beautiful Sunday morning. Our intention was to experience their newly launched trail, but, since we are not avid runners or cyclists ourselves, we opted to enjoy a leisurely stroll on the 12km trail that winds through this magnificent farm. And with a surprise around every corner, we were quite glad we took the time to walk the trail and enjoy the scenery.

Being a fully functional farm, one can expect the usual farming equipment. But, since I do not live on a farm myself, it was still quite interesting looking at all the machinery. The trail winded through a semi-dense cluster of trees at one point, and we were quite intrigued to find various rugged bush shelters set up in the foliage. I did not ask the owners of Rosemary Hill Farm what it the purpose of these was though, but it seems like a very cool place to practice bush survival skills!

Near the end of the trail, we went off the trail for a few meters, and stumbled across a magnificent collection of old military vehicles. The vehicles are in a type of scrap yard, just across the road from Rosemary Hill Farm. My friend is an avid military history buff, and he spent quite some time telling me about the history of these vehicles and wars of olden days.

After we finished the fairly flat and straightforward trail, we decided to have a light lunch at the Rosemary Hill Farm Restaurant. Absolutely Devine!

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