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Waterfront Clock Tower (Cape Town)

Overview of the Waterfront Clock Tower

The Victorian Gothic-style Clock Tower has always been an icon of old docks. Situated near the site of the original Bertie's Landing Restaurant, the Waterfront Clock Tower acted as the original Port Captain's office. Construction of the Clock Tower was completed in 1882.

The second floor of the Clock Tower is a decorative mirror room, where the Port Captain could check on all the activities in the harbor. The bottom floor features a tide-gauge mechanism that was used to check the level of the tide.

Restoration of the Clock Tower was completed in 1997, and is now an important focal point in the Waterfront's urban design, and the Clock Tower Centre.

The Clock Tower and Clock Tower Center can be accessed from the greater Waterfront via a pedestrian swing bridge, which opens and closes periodically to allow boats through. The Clock Tower Center features an attractive, albeit smaller, shopping centre. Although it is much smaller than the Victoria Wharf shopping complex, it is much more touristy and interesting.

A deck is constructed over the water, which allows visitors to view the Cape Fur Seals relaxing in the sun.

Review of the Waterfront Clock Tower

We didn't go up into the Clock Tower, as it seems that the bottom of the Clock Tower is being used as a kitchen or similar place by the surrounding restaurants. The Clock Tower looks nice from the outside though...

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