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Welwitschia Country Market (Hartbeespoort)

Overview of Welwitschia Country Market

Welwitschia Country Market is an unusual commercial development at the Damdoryn crossroads in Hartbeespoort, North West province. A bustling outdoor shopping mecca, Welwitschia Country Market is built in the shade of giant old trees. Welwitschia Country Market features, amongst other things, a collection of forty wooden shops and a covered area housing a wide variety of merchandise.

Welwitschia Country Market promises fun for the whole family, with delightful brick-paved streets that allows visitors to meander through the stalls and shops, with enough places to sit back and enjoy the rustic atmosphere.

All sorts of arts, crafts, curios, clothes and edibles are arranged around a garden and aviary. Welwitschia Country Market offers good parking and clean toilet facilities, a playground for the kids, and additional entertainment on Sundays and Public holidays.

Welwitschia Country Market Restaurants

The main attractions, apart from the other charms of Welwitschia Country Market, are definitely the three restaurants, also on the grounds.

  • Upperdeck Restaurant is the attractive bush pub and family restaurant, and a firm favorite with locals and visitors alike. Upperdeck Restaurant often features live music performances.
  • Pick a Pancake
  • The Country Griller

Review of Welwitschia Country Market

Sadly, if it was not for the three excellent restaurants, Welwitschia Country Market would've been quite a let down. I don't know if it was perhaps the fact that we visited Welwitschia during the winter, or some other external factor influencing the vibe, but this country market was quite the disappointment.

We decided to stop here on our way home after another Sunday excursion expecting to have a joyful Sunday afternoon shopping-stroll. But alas! With very few shops still in existence, and a very limited variety of items on display, we were in and out in less than an hour. The aviary is in terrible shape, and is in serious need of some care. The bathrooms are nice and clean, if that counts for anything.

I will visit Welwitschia again in the Summer, to see if that improves things, but as things stand at the moment, I would not recommend spending time here. However, the restaurants are fantastic, and if you are in the mood for some food, fun and music, don't give the Upperdeck Restaurant a miss!

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