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Montecasino Bird Gardens

Overview of the Montecasino Bird Gardens

Features available at the Montecasino Bird Gardens

For great family entertainment, experience the wonder of the Montecasino Bird Gardens (also referred to as the Montecasino World of Birds). Wander along enchanting walkways within the magnificent gardens, and marvel as the variety of colorful birds, mammals, reptiles and unusual animals from around the world.

The Montecasino Bird Gardens features a huge walk-through aviary, with over 60 species of birds freely roaming around and nesting.

A huge hit with visitors to the Montecasino Bird Gardens is the Lorikeet Aviary, where visitors can feed the magnificent, brightly colored and quite tame Rainbow Lorikeets. Lorikeet nectar is available at the ticket office.

The Parrot Gallery has several Macaws and Cockatoos that roam freely and occasionally say "hello" to passers-by. In the Frog Room, visitors will be able to see rare frogs, a collection of scorpions, and spiders. For the courageous, some of Southern Africa's most venomous snakes can be viewed safely from behind glass. Snakes include the Puff Adder and the Black Mamba, as well as a 6 meter Reticulated Python, which is the longest snake in the world!

The Montecasino Bird Gardens also has one of the largest and most diverse private collections of South African Cycads in the world, with over 750 plans from 37 different species.

"Cafe Flamingo" at the Montecasino Bird Gardens

Visitors can relax and enjoy a refreshing drink of light meal at the 90-seater restaurant, "Cafe Flamingo". Cafe Flamingo also caters for children's parties, and can be contacted at 011 511 1203.

Flight of Fantasy bird show

The stars of the Montecasino Bird Gardens are definitely the colorful and talented show birds which captivate audiences with breathtaking displays of free, unrestrained flight. With extremely informative trainers, the show is a huge hit, and many a visitor leaves with a new respect for our featured friends, proudly strutting their stuff.

Shows last for approximately 40 minutes, and visitors have the opportunity to take purchase a beautiful photograph with one of the star birds of prey.

Shows are held at 11h00 and 15h00 during weekdays, and 11h00, 13h00, and 15h00 during weekends and public holidays.

Review of the Montecasino Bird Gardens

I decided to give the much famed Montecasino Bird Gardens a try on a sunny Sunday. Although the Montecasino Bird Gardens has much less birds than the World of Birds in Houtbaai, it is a much prettier environment. I truly enjoyed my visit here. I don't have children of my own, but this one will be a definite firm favorite with the little ones, I am sure!

The Lorikeet Aviary was one of my favorite places. The Rainbow Lorikeets are truly stunning, brightly colored and friendly. Just stay away from the tail-parts of the birds, as they have tendency of, uhm, dropping in. :)

I scarcely had my little container of Lorikeet Nectar ready before the Lorikeets decided to try it out. In no time, I had at least four of these beautiful creatures eating out of my hand, literally. It was so much fun!

Next stop was the interesting "big birds", including flamingos, the blue crane, marabou stork and others. The Macaws and parrots sitting freely on their perches was a sight to behold. Try saying hello to them, they are quite a talkative bunch!

Another stand out point was the walk-through aviary. I was lucky enough to see a nest with a mommy bird feeding her little baby birds. Sooo cute, these little babies!

The Flight of Fantasy bird show was another highlight. I find it incredibly amazing that these birds are so well trained. Keep an eye for the black crow, who will teach you a thing or two about recycling. I made a short video of this intelligent black crow. The magnificence of the Cape Vulture is still with me...

At the end of the day, I think that only arriving at twelve is a little late to start your visit to the Montecasino Bird Gardens. There is so much to behold in this magnificent Bird Garden, that I would seriously suggest that you arrive at least at 10h00 to allow yourself ample time to explore and be amazed.

Afterwards, why not try your favour with Lady Luck at Montecasino itself?

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