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Sun City Resort (Pilanesberg)

Overview of Sun City

The magnificent Sun City Resort in Pilanesberg, South Africa, draws thousands of visitors each year, and is located only 2 hours away from Pretoria. Sun City has so much to do, and provides visitors the opportunity to enjoy the vibrant mix of water sports, golf, gambling and entertainment. Located in the beautiful African bushveld, Sun City makes for a fantastic venue and fun for the whole family.

Brief history of Sun City

Sun City was developed by the hotel magnate Sol Kerzner, and was officially opened on 7 December 1979. In those days, Sun City was located in the Bantustan of Bophuthatswana, whic was declared an independent state by the South African government. Because Sun City was part of Bophuthatswana, it was allowed to provide entertainment such as gambling and topless revue shows, both of which was banned in South Africa at the time. Sun City was eventually re-incorporated into South Africa when Bophutatswana became part of South Africa again in 1994.

Many famous international performers have performed at Sun City's Superbowl over the years, including Frank Sinatra, Queen, Elton John, Black Sabbath and Tina Turner. The Sun City Superbowl is a massive auditorium which seats 6,230, was also the venue for various Heavy Weight boxing championships during the 1970's.

Sun City Hotels and Accommodation

Sun City features four hotels and one self catering facility, namely

  • The Palace of the Lost City
  • The Cabanas
  • Cascades Hotel, and
  • Sun City Hotel.
  • The Sun City Vacation Club (self catering)

Sun City Things to do and facilities

Water sports

A host of fun watery things are available to enjoy at Sun City. These include the Valley of Waves with it's 17meter high "Temple of Courage" water slide and the "Roaring Lagoon", which regularly generates a 1.2 meter high wave. The lagoon is surrounded by a slow and relaxing tube-ride.

Five water slides are also available, these include two tube slides, and two body slides, as well as the "Temple of Courage", also known as the "Slide of Courage". Four pools are located at the different hotels, including a pool and pool side bar for day visitors, known as the Observatory bar and Royal Baths.

Various watersports are also available at the Sun City Waterworld, including waterskiing and parasailing. Daily morning and sunset cruises are available on the lake. Sun City also offers various jogging and walking trails, squash, tennis, the Gary Player golf course, mountain biking and horse riding.

Gambling at Sun City

Another of the main attractions at Sun City is it's two spectacular casinos, where guests can try their luck on the slot machines, or any of the table card games.

Food, Drink and Shopping

A host of restaurants provides guests with a choice selection, including Nandos and Wimpy. A wide range of Sun City souvenirs are on offer, as well as leather goods, jewelry, shoes and a pharmacy for those unplanned incidents. A health spa and beauty salon completes the picture.

Wildlife and Culture

Sun City is set amongst tropical landscaped gardens, which lends itself beautifully to the Cascades Aviary, Bird of Prey Center, Crocodile Sanctuary and Botanical Gardens. The Cultural Village showcases the life and crafts of 8 African tribes.

Review of Sun City

Keeping in mind all the information above, it is actually pretty hard to pin point my favorite thing about Sun City. If you can afford the entry fees and petrol, Sun City is one of those things things that you absolutely have to experience. There are so much to do, that a day is by far not enough time to experience it all.

Accordingly, having visited Sun City quite a few times over the years and experienced the different parts of it, on our most recent trip we only had time to visit the Casino Complex and the Valley of Waves. And it turned into one of the most fun filled days I've experienced in a long time.

The Valley of Waves does get pretty busy over weekends, so make sure that you arrive early if you want to go on any of the slides.

I am not going to say much more, except that Sun City Resort is definitely worth every cent. And if you have the courage, do take the plunge and go down the Slide of Courage. It is thrilling slide-ride you won't easily forget.

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