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Hot air ballooning in South Africa

Hot air ballooning is an excellent way to experience something different in South Africa. With a multitude of hot air balloon operators providing this service in South Africa, passengers are spoilt for choice. Most hot air ballooning companies offers passengers a choice of different packages, which may include sparkling wine, chocolates or snacks, and/or a light meal or breakfast.

There are usually no age restrictions as to who can fly, but in order to see over the edge of the hot air balloon's basket and climb in and out withhot air ballooning in south africaout trouble, passengers should preferably be at least 1.2m tall. Most hot air ballooning experiences start at dawn in order to take advantage of the stable air conditions and glorious sunrises.

"What to wear" is an important point to consider, as the temperatures and conditions can change quickly. It may be quite cold at the launch site, but quickly heat up under the burners of the hot air balloon.

Passengers interested in taking a hot air balloon flight in South Africa generally has a choice between two types of hot air ballooning adventures; static line, where the balloon is connected to the ground with a static line and just goes up and comes back down, and the hot air balloon flight, which generally last an hour and flight path is mostly guided by the wind. As such, landing sites for a hot air balloon are not always predictable.

Hot Air Ballooning Operators and Hot air balloon rides in South Africa (Directory)

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