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Iziko South African Museum (Cape Town)

Overview of the South African Museum

The South African Museum was established by Lord Charles Somerset in 1825. It is the second oldest scientific institute in South Africa.

The South African Museum is one of Cape Town's major tourist attractions, and is visited annually by more than 400 000 people.

A multitude of exhibitions are presented, and include natural history exhibitions such as African Dinosaurs, Wonders of Nature, Fossil Stories, the Living Coelacanth, as well as Social History exhibitions such as The Power of Rock Art, African Cultures and more!

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Review of the South African Museum

This museum has so many exhibitions, it is hard to take them all in! From dinosaur bones to meteorites and medicine, this museum really has it all. We enjoyed our visit to the museum, and combined with a show at the Iziko Planetarium located inside the South African museum, we emerged from our visit enlightened and much more educated.

Take a stroll through the Kompanje Gardens on your way to museum and stop at one of the tea gardens for a apple pie and cappuccino, and you've got the makings of a beautiful day.

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